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Why Form a Non-Profit

As a Visionary you have been given a solution to a problem in the earth realm that only you can solve.  
Biz Corp Nation feels that if we provide a Visionary with the necessary education and consulting to build their infrastructure equipping them with skills to succeed, they will be able to accomplish their exempt purpose.
By carrying out your vision you will Help somebody else reach their goal by sowing positive energy into their lives

What is the Process to Form a Non-Profit?

Meeting with Clients
Signing Contract


You Must First Have a Vison to Help Someone Else

Getting your Letter of Determination


Get a Name for Your Organization


Prepare and File the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State


Prepare the By-Laws with the required IRS Non-Profit Language


Prepare the Minutes of First Meeting outing Officers, Bank Resolution, Nonprofit Documents are filed.


Apply for your EIN Number.


Application 1023 must be prepared for the IRS outlying your purpose, four years budgets, and your Officers.

Application for a State Exemption

How We Can Help
We have years of experience working with the IRS and FTB to approve Exempt Applications we know all the pitfalls that can hold up the process of you getting your Letter of Determination.
Let us Assist your organization in Preparing the Necessary, Legal Documents, Applications, Narratives, Budgets, and Paperwork to get your application approved.
Once you get your organization let us help you develop, Policy and Procedures, develop your Corporation to look credible to set it up to gain Financial Funding.
We can develop resume for your Board of Directors to Enable them to look creditable.
We will develop Query Letter Designed to your organization. We perform Grant Research to get your organizations name in front of the Grant Makers.
We will provide a Sample Grant Proposal and assist you in preparing Grant Proposals to help your organization get funded.
Biz Corp Nation provides Education & Training.
Training of how Non-Profit Operate.





Although the majority of nonprofits are set up without the help of a consultant, it's easy to make mistakes that become costly to correct later (such as unwisely creating voting membership structures, adding unlawful provisions to template bylaws, violating the commerciality doctrine, etc.). We recommend having experienced professionals involved. Biz Corp Nation consultants consist of board members with nonprofit incorporation experience and experienced consultants.

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